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    Believer and Investor in Virtual and Augmented Reality

    GVR Fund is a San Francisco-based venture capital fund that invests in early-stage virtual and augmented reality startups and is managed by GREE VR Capital, an affiliate of GREE Inc., a global leader in mobile gaming industry.


    We believe that virtual and augmented reality have the power to alter people's lives by completely changing the way of interaction between people and computer which has been trapped in small, square screens. We help talented entrepreneurs, who share the same passion and value with us, expand their businesses globally.


    Learn more about us? Please visit our blog, GVR Fund: How we work with companies ?

  • TEAM

    Teppei Tsutsui

    CEO and Managing Director

    Twitter : @teppei_tsutsui
    Teppei Tsutsui is the CEO and Managing Director at GREE VR Capital that manages the GVR Fund. He has been leading the strategic investments and acquisitions for GREE in Tokyo and most recently in San Francisco, including GREE's acquisitions of OpenFeint and Funzio. Prior to that, he was involved in M&A advisory at Morgan Stanley and business development at Mitsubishi Corporation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Law from Hitotsubashi University and MBA from the University of Chicago.

    Naoki Aoyagi

    Managing Director

    Naoki Aoyagi is the Managing Director at GREE VR Capital. He joined GREE in 2006 from Deutsche Securities Inc., as one of very early employees, and led the company to IPO before leading the development of GREE’s global operations, a role he continues today. He also serves as a Managing Director at GREE Ventures, GREE’s VC arm that primarily invests in Japan and Southeast Asia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Policy Management from Keio University in 2002.

    Masaki Fujimoto

    Managing Director

    Masaki Fujimoto is the Managing Director at GREE VR Capital. He joined GREE in June 2005, and serves as the Company's chief technology officer. Prior to joining GREE, he worked at Astra the Studio, Inc. and Tunebiz Co., Ltd. Earlier in his career, Masaki was a member of the consulting staff of a PHP open source project. He graduated in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in literature from Sophia University.

    Yasushi Komori


    Twitter : @Yasushi_EN, LinkedIn : @Yasushi
    Yasushi Komori is the Principal at GREE VR Capital. He joined GREE in 2010. Before GVR Fund, he had worked as Server Engineer for 4 years developing EC site from scratch. After Server Engineer, He worked as Game Producer of Japanese and US social games. He led the one of games to $70M sales per year.
    He earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Waseda University in 2007.

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