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We are looking for AR Startups.

By Yasushi Komori ( Principal )

We believe in Augmented Reality

We started exploring AR industry since the end of 2016. We believe AR will change our lives. During the year of 2017, the big giants announced AR strategies including AR Studio from Facebook, ARKit from Apple, ARCore from Google. We think that 2017 is the era when Augmented Reality started.

We are looking for AR Startups

ARKit is huge news for the entire AR industry. Many developers started to develop AR experiences. We still don't know how AR would change the world. But we are very excited about what AR startups are tring to do. We formally announce here that "We are looking for AR Startups". We are thinking to invest 4~5 AR startups for the next 6 month.

If you are working on any AR projects, please email us at Please include items as shown below.

- Title: "AR is the future: [Company Name]"

- Company URL

- Company Location

- Founders LinkedIn URL

- Investor Deck

- [option] Any materials that show your product. Video is preferable.

- [option] Crunchbase URL

Here are sections we excited most. We are still looking forward to AR projects not listed below

- AR Cloud

- AR 3D Instructions

- AR Remote/Local Instructions

- Image recognition for AR

- AR for Marketing, Promotion

- AR x Location Base

E-mail :

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